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Books About Ellen G. White

Among the many books that have been written about Ellen White, here is a list of some of the best. Some of these books are available for purchase, others are now out of print, and most of the books listed below may be viewed online.

Books Currently in Print

101 Questions
101 Questions About Ellen White and Her Writings, by William Fagal, is one of the most recent publications regarding the ministry of Ellen White.

If you could ask one question of Ellen White, what would it be? Every day the White Estate receives questions about Ellen White: her writings, her life, and her beliefs. Elder William Fagal, associate director of the Ellen G. White Estate, provides thought-provoking answers to 101 of the most frequently asked and often most controversial inquiries. He exposes many of the myths that have developed and introduces readers to the real truth about this inspirational author. An enlightening volume on the work and ministry of Mrs. White.

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Messenger of the Lord
Messenger of the Lord, by Herbert E. Douglass, is the most comprehensive treatment of Ellen G. White's prophetic ministry ever produced. How did her roles as wife, mother, neighbor, soul winner, and public personality affect her prophetic function? What is the relationship between her writings and the Bible? How should we listen to her writings today? Are they still relevant? What was the impact of her ministry on the development of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its doctrines?

This book is written both for those who are grateful for what Ellen White's contributions have brought and for those who want to know more about her. Those with unresolved questions about her long ministry will enjoy the candid discussion of issues that have been raised in recent years about her claim to be God's messenger.

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Other Books Available for Reading Online

A Prophet Among You, by T. Housel Jemison, served for many years as a college textbook on the gift of prophecy as manifested in Scripture and in the ministry of Ellen G. White. Among its highlights are excellent chapters on "Tests of a Prophet" and "Testing the Experience of Ellen G. White," "The Ellen G. White Writings and the Bible," and "Ellen G. White Writings--Their Study and Use."

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The Abiding Gift of Prophecy, by Arthur Grosvenor Daniells, shows how God has used the gift of prophecy to guide His people through the ages, from Bible times down to our own. The last section of the book deals with Ellen G. White, whom the author knew well. He personally had a leading role in some of the experiences he recounts.

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Believe His Prophets, by Denton E. Rebok, covers the Bible's teaching about the gift of prophecy and examines the work of Ellen G. White in the light of that teaching. In addition to having broad experience in the church's educational and administrative work, Rebok served for a time as chairman of the board of trustees of the Ellen G. White Estate.

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  Ellen G. White and Her Critics, by Francis D. Nichol, after 50 years is still the most comprehensive response to various charges against Ellen G. White. Though on a few points it may not reflect the current state of our knowledge, its reasoning is incisive and its perspectives helpful.

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The Ellen G. White Writings, by Arthur L. White, puts into printed form some lectures the author gave on key issues regarding Mrs. White's writings: how inspiration works, the authority and integrity of Mrs. White's writings, how to understand her historical writings, and principles for interpreting her writings. The author makes these matters understandable and interesting.

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  The Voice of the Spirit, by Juan Carlos Viera: In a religious setting marked by individual interpretations of doctrines and prophecies, this book brings clear thinking to the discussion of the gift of prophecy--and a fresh, new sense of faith born out of careful reflection on the subject.

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