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Did God send a prophet?

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Was Ellen White Hypocritical?

Did she practice what she preached?

If someone who claims that they have a message from God is genuine, then their lives should be a good example of the standard that they are lifting up for others. Did Ellen White teach others one thing and do another? See for yourself whether the allegations of her critics have merit.

Family Planning: a "Hypocritical Liar"?   One critic thinks Ellen White was a "hypocritical liar" when it came to family planning. After all, she had four sons "in rapid succession." Take a look at the facts and see if you agree.

Was Ellen White Hypocritical Regarding Wearing Jewelry?   One critic felt that this picture of Ellen White wearing a "chain" was the very best example of her contradicting herself. Our analysis of the picture, however, revealed a troubling problem: This picture is a fraud.

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