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Did God send a prophet?

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The Midnight Cry:

William Miller and the End of the World

An Online Video

What did Christians believe about the second coming of Christ when Ellen White was young?
Why did thousands of Christians conclude from their study of the Bible that Christ was to return in 1843/44?
Watch this video to learn answers to these questions and more.

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Program Parts

You may use the player navigation buttons () to navigate the following parts:

Part 1

Topics Covered:
Opening Credits

Part 2

Topics Covered:
This Destructive Passion
A Mightier Power Than Man
To Live and Die on the Bible

Part 3

Topics Covered:
Worthy to Be Known
A Deep and Universal Interest
A Sincere and Worthy Man
General Conference
The Petition

Part 4

Topics Covered:
The Great Tent
Liar's Department
These Voracious Harpies

Part 5

Topics Covered:
Such Disgraceful Proceedings
Out of Babylon
March 1844
The Tarrying Time

Part 6

Topics Covered:
The Seventh Month
Blasted Hope

Part 7

Topics Covered:
Waiting for the Trumpet
Another Time
Closing Credits

Total run length: 102 minutes.

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