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John Loughborough—White Estate.
Arm Couldn't Be Moved by a Burly Stone Mason

by John Loughborough

In October of this year [1862], Moses Hull, who was considered a good debater, held a discussion in Paw Paw, Mich. with a noted Spiritualist named Jamieson. At that time Hull partially fell under the influence of satanic delusion. On Nov. 5, several persons assembled at my home to talk with him. At the close of the interview, we had a prayer season, and while in a kneeling posture, Mrs. White was taken off in vision. Some of the things she saw at this time are recorded in Testimonies, vol. 1, page 426.

My next-door neighbor, Mr. Diagneau, had never before seen her in vision, and so used many tests to satisfy himself that she did not breathe, that she knew nothing of what transpired around her, and that she was controlled by a superior power.

Mr. Diagneau was a strong man, a stone mason. While in vision Mrs. White would clasp her hands together upon her chest, and he could not by the utmost exertion raise one finger sufficiently to get his thumb and finger between her finger and hand. Almost the next moment she would unclasp her hands and gracefully move her arm and hand toward the subject she seemed to be viewing.

While her arm was extended, Elder White said, "Brother Diagneau, that looks like an easy motion, and as though you, a strong man, could easily bend her arm. You can try it if you wish." He then placed his knee in the bend of her elbow, and taking hold of the extended hand with both his hands, pulled backward with all his might without bending it in the least. He commented, "I would as soon try to bend an iron bar as that arm." Before he had closed the sentence, her arm passed gracefully back to her chest, but with a force that slid his feet on the floor while trying to resist. He at once admitted that there was superhuman strength connected with the vision, for he well knew Mrs. White to be a woman of delicate health.

(Miracles in My Life, pages 58, 59.)

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