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Did God send a prophet?
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Tons of research
on Ellen White.

www.EllenWhite.info - The Ellen White information website.


Are there contradictions in the writings of Ellen G. White?

Analyze for yourself whether there is truth in the allegations that Ellen White contradicted a clear teaching of the Bible.

Alleged Contradiction: Divinity Didn't Die   A critic thinks that Ellen White contradicted both herself and the Bible when she wrote, in harmony with most Trinitarians, that Christ's human nature, not His divine nature, died on Calvary. But we did find it a bit odd that this critic's web site on another page appears to endorse this very view.

Alleged Contradiction: Jesus Christ Was Not Truly God   Ellen White stands accused of contradicting the Bible when she wrote that Jesus was "not the Lord God Almighty." The puzzling thing about this one, though, is that our critic forgot to quote the last half of the sentence. That omitted half changes the meaning of the sentence into something few Christians find heretical.

Alleged Contradiction: Satan Bears Our Sins   This one concerns the scapegoat of Leviticus 16. Does the Bible teach that the scapegoat is Christ or Satan? Will Satan have to pay for the sins he has tempted others to commit? Do Ellen White's views on these questions contradict Scripture?

Alleged Contradiction: The Plan of Salvation Was "Devised" After the Fall   Ellen White apparently puts the "devising" of the plan of salvation both before Creation and after the fall. Our critic maintains that the "after the fall" statements contradict the Bible. We examine similar "after the fall" statements found in the Bible, as well as dictionary definitions for "devise."

Alleged Contradiction: The Tower of Babel Was Before the Flood   The claim is made that Ellen White contradicted the Bible when she allegedly said that the Tower of Babel was built before the Flood. In investigating this claim we did find a few discrepancies, but they were of a different sort than what the critic thought.

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