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Color Key

Material that is an exact, word-for-word match of the alleged source.

Material that is represented in Rea's comparison by an ellipsis.

Material dropped from the beginning or end of the paragraph of the alleged source by Rea.

Material clipped from the beginning or end of a sentence in Rea's comparison, without giving the reader any indication of such. (Either a capital letter or a period appears where it should not, hiding the fact that material is missing.)

Faulty capitalization by Rea.

An Analysis of the Literary Dependency of Desire of Ages, chapter 5

contributed by David J. Conklin

Paragraph 23 (analysis of p. 329 of White Lie)

Desire of Ages (1898)
Ellen G. White, p. 57
The Great Teacher (1836; 1870 ed.),
John Harris, p. 97

At the cross of Calvary, love and selfishness stood face to face. Here was their crowning manifestation. Christ had lived only to comfort and bless, and in putting Him to death, Satan manifested the malignity of his hatred against God. He made it evident that the real purpose of his rebellion was to dethrone God, and to destroy Him through whom the love of God was shown.

Under such tuteluge, (how could it be otherwise?) every dispensation and event was interpreted against God. Signals of reconciliation were hung out from heaven; treaties were set on foot; but men scowled back defiance, and exclaimed,"depart from us; we desire not the knowledge of

page 97

thy ways." Messenger after messenger was despatched to entreat their attention, "but they beat up one, stoned another, and killed another." During the whole tract of time, the principle of human hatred had gone on growing in intensity, collecting its materials for war, and daily augmenting in strength, till it had reached so gigantic and threatening a form, that, if it was to be vanguished by love, and not by power, it was evident that love must put forth its might in an act unparalleled, unimaginable, and infinite. Such an act was resolved on. Voices from heaven announced it. Calvary was selected for the eventful scene. On the part of God appeared his only-begotten Son, wearing the form of a human being. Against him came hell and earth: all the nursed and ancient hatred of the human heart, and all the immemorial enmity which had formed the atmosphere of hell, were there collected and concentrated against him. Love and hatred confronted each other. At that moment, of all the passions and principles in the universe, these two antagonist powers alone remained. All the diversified sentiments and emotions of created natures were ranged under, or resolved into, one of these two principles. And while the object of the one was to unite its whole force in a blow which should need no repetiton, to throw all its accumulated vengeance into one annihilating stroke, it was the aim of the other, by receiving that stroke, to let the strength of its foe be exhausted, to vanguish it by submission, to reduce it to a state of silence and shame at finding its powers and weapons all spent, while yet the object of its rage stood unimpaired, and even seemed by wounding to acquire strength.

Observations: Just 3 words? Surely there has to be some better evidence of plagiarism than this! One could easily conclude that the use of the above 3 words was coincidental.

Presumably, Walter Rea picked the better comparisons to include in his book. Thus, we might assume that other portions of Desire of Ages use even less than 3 words.

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