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Did God send a prophet?
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Patriarchs and Prophets

Patriarchs and Prophets
Patriarchs and Prophets begins the story of the conflict between good and evil—the battle between Christ and Satan—from its beginning, starting with the origin of evil, then taking up the creation of the world, the Bible patriarchs, Israel's Egyptian bondage and Exodus, and their establishment in Canaan up to the time of David.

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Table of Contents

Preface[p. 17]
Introduction[p. 19]
1.  Why was Sin Permitted?[p. 33]
2.  The Creation[p. 44]
3.  The Temptation and Fall[p. 52]
4.  The Plan of Redemption[p. 63]
5.  Cain and Abel Tested[p. 71]
6.  Seth and Enoch[p. 80]
7.  The Flood[p. 90]
8.  After the Flood[p. 105]
9.  The Literal Week[p. 111]
10.  The Tower of Babel[p. 117]
11.  The Call of Abraham[p. 125]
12.  Abraham in Canaan[p. 132]
13.  The Test of Faith[p. 145]
14.  Destruction of Sodom[p. 156]
15.  The Marriage of Isaac[p. 171]
16.  Jacob and Esau[p. 177]
17.  Jacob's Flight and Exile[p. 183]
18.  The Night of Wrestling[p. 195]
19.  The Return to Canaan[p. 204]
20.  Joseph in Egypt[p. 213]
21.  Joseph and His Brothers[p. 224]
22.  Moses[p. 241]
23.  The Plagues of Egypt[p. 257]
24.  The Passover[p. 273]
25.  The Exodus[p. 281]
26.  From the Red Sea to Sinai[p. 291]
27.  The Law Given to Israel[p. 303]
28.  Idolatry at Sinai[p. 315]
29.  Satan's Enmity Against the Law[p. 331]
30.  The Tabernacle and Its Services[p. 343]
31.  The Sin of Nadab and Abihu[p. 359]
32.  The Law and the Covenants[p. 363]
33.  From Sinai to Kadesh[p. 374]
34.  The Twelve Spies[p. 387]
35.  The Rebellion of Korah[p. 395]
36.  In the Wilderness[p. 406]
37.  The Smitten Rock[p. 411]
38.  The Journey Around Edom[p. 422]
39.  The Conquest of Bashan[p. 433]
40.  Balaam[p. 438]
41.  Apostasy at the Jordan[p. 453]
42.  The Law Repeated[p. 462]
43.  The Death of Moses[p. 469]
44.  Crossing the Jordan[p. 481]
45.  The Fall of Jericho[p. 487]
46.  The Blessings and the Curses[p. 499]
47.  League With the Gibeonites[p. 505]
48.  The Division of Canaan[p. 510]
49.  The Last Words of Joshua[p. 521]
50.  Tithes and Offerings[p. 525]
51.  God's Care for the Poor[p. 530]
52.  The Annual Feasts[p. 537]
53.  The Earlier Judges[p. 543]
54.  Samson[p. 560]
55.  The Child Samuel[p. 569]
56.  Eli and His Sons[p. 575]
57.  The Ark Taken by the Philistines[p. 581]
58.  The Schools of the Prophets[p. 592]
59.  The First King of Israel[p. 603]
60.  The Presumption of Saul[p. 616]
61.  Saul Rejected[p. 627]
62.  The Anointing of David[p. 637]
63.  David and Goliath[p. 643]
64.  David a Fugitive[p. 649]
65.  The Magnanimity of David[p. 660]
66.  The Death of Saul[p. 675]
67.  Ancient and Modern Sorcery[p. 683]
68.  David at Ziklag[p. 690]
69.  David Called to the Throne[p. 697]
70.  The Reign of David[p. 703]
71.  David's Sin and Repentance[p. 717]
72.  The Rebellion of Absalom[p. 727]
73.  The Last Years of David[p. 746]
Appendix[p. 757]


Quotable Quotes

Every manifestation of creative power is an expression of infinite love. The sovereignty of God involves fullness of blessing to all created beings. . . . The history of the great conflict between good and evil, from the time it first began in heaven to the final overthrow of rebellion and the total eradication of sin, is also a demonstration of God's unchanging love. . . .

A well-ordered Christian household is a powerful argument in favor of the reality of the Christian religion--an argument that the infidel cannot gainsay. All can see that there is an influence at work in the family that affects the children, and that the God of Abraham is with them. If the homes of professed Christians had a right religious mold, they would exert a mighty influence for good. They would indeed be the "light of the world." . . .

Inspiration faithfully records the faults of good men, those who were distinguished by the favor of God; indeed, their faults are more fully presented than their virtues. This has been a subject of wonder to many, and has given the infidel occasion to scoff at the Bible. But it is one of the strongest evidences of the truth of Scripture, that facts are not glossed over, nor the sins of its chief characters suppressed. The minds of men are so subject to prejudice that it is not possible for human histories to be absolutely impartial. Had the Bible been written by uninspired persons, it would no doubt have presented the character of its honored men in a more flattering light. But as it is, we have a correct record of their experiences.

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