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Prophets and Kings

Prophets and Kings
Prophets and Kings opens with the story of Solomon’s glorious reign over Israel and continues through the remaining kings of Israel and Judah including the times of the prophets, and ends with the nation’s exile and captivity. It traces the history of a favored and chosen people, vacillating between allegiance to God and to the gods of the nations around them. In these pages can vividly be seen dramatic evidences of the raging struggle between God and Satan for the hearts of men and women.

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Table of Contents

 Introduction — The Vineyard of the Lord  [p. 15]
Section I — From Strength to Weakness 
1. Solomon  [p. 25]
2. The Temple and Its Dedication  [p. 35]
3. Pride of Prosperity  [p. 51]
4. Results of Transgression  [p. 61]
5. Solomon's Repentance  [p. 75]
6. The Rending of the Kingdom  [p. 87]
7. Jeroboam  [p. 99]
8. National Apostasy  [p. 109]
Section II — Prophets of the Northern Kingdom 
9. Elijah the Tishbite  [p. 119]
10. The Voice of Stern Rebuke  [p. 129]
11. Carmel  [p. 143]
12. From Jezreel to Horeb  [p. 155]
13. "What Doest Thou Here?"  [p. 167]
14. "In the Spirit and Power of Elias"  [p. 177]
15. Jehoshaphat  [p. 190]
16. The Fall of the House of Ahab  [p. 204]
17. The Call of Elisha  [p. 217]
18. The Healing of the Waters  [p. 229]
19. A Prophet of Peace  [p. 235]
20. Naaman  [p. 244]
21. Elisha's Closing Ministry  [p. 254]
22. "Nineveh, That Great City"  [p. 265]
23. The Assyrian Captivity  [p. 279]
24. "Destroyed for Lack of Knowledge"  [p. 293]
Section III — A Preacher of Righteousness 
25. The Call of Isaiah  [p. 303]
26. "Behold Your God!"  [p. 311]
27. Ahaz  [p. 322]
28. Hezekiah  [p. 331]
29. The Ambassadors From Babylon  [p. 340]
30. Deliverance From Assyria  [p. 349]
31. Hope for the Heathen  [p. 367]
Section IV — National Retribution 
32. Manasseh and Josiah  [p. 381]
33. The Book of the Law  [p. 392]
34. Jeremiah  [p. 407]
35. Approaching Doom  [p. 422]
36. The Last King of Judah  [p. 440]
37. Carried Captive Into Babylon  [p. 452]
38. Light Through Darkness  [p. 464]
Section V — In the Lands of the Heathen 
39. In the Court of Babylon  [p. 479]
40. Nebuchadnezzar's Dream  [p. 491]
41. The Fiery Furnace  [p. 503]
42. True Greatness  [p. 514]
43. The Unseen Watcher  [p. 522]
44. In the Lions' Den  [p. 539]
Section VI — After the Exile 
45. The Return of the Exiles  [p. 551]
46. "The Prophets of God Helping Them"  [p. 567]
47. Joshua and the Angel  [p. 582]
48. "Not by Might, nor by Power"  [p. 593]
49. In the Days of Queen Esther  [p. 598]
50. Ezra, the Priest and Scribe  [p. 607]
51. A Spiritual Revival  [p. 618]
52. A Man of Opportunity  [p. 628]
53. The Builders on the Wall  [p. 635]
54. A Rebuke Against Extortion  [p. 646]
55. Heathen Plots  [p. 653]
56. Instructed in the Law of God  [p. 661]
57. Reformation  [p. 669]
Section VII — Light at Eventide 
58. The Coming of a Deliverer  [p. 681]
59. "The House of Israel"  [p. 703]
60. Visions of Future Glory  [p. 722]


Quotable Quotes

The God whom we serve is no respecter of persons. He who gave to Solomon the spirit of wise discernment is willing to impart the same blessing to His children today. "If any of you lack wisdom," His word declares, "let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him." James 1:5. When a burden bearer desires wisdom more than he desires wealth, power, or fame, he will not be disappointed. Such a one will learn from the Great Teacher not only what to do, but how to do it in a way that will meet with the divine approval. . . .

God brought Daniel and his associates into connection with the great men of Babylon, that in the midst of a nation of idolaters they might represent His character. How did they become fitted for a position of so great trust and honor? It was faithfulness in little things that gave complexion to their whole life. They honored God in the smallest duties, as well as in the larger responsibilities. . . .

In Nehemiah's firm devotion to the work of God, and his equally firm reliance on God, lay the reason of the failure of his enemies to draw him into their power. The soul that is indolent falls an easy prey to temptation; but in the life that has a noble aim, an absorbing purpose, evil finds little foothold.

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